When to draw the line?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were expected to respond with a yes?  Have you found yourself forced to make the choice you made? Were you conscious of the consequences that you had to face afterwards?

I have.

A few months ago I found myself in a very dark place. A place where I knew I didn’t belong, I knew exactly what I was saying yes to, and yet I made the decision to put myself in that situation. Conscience-stricken, I kept myself in that place for almost a year. What was exactly this dark place? The world’s darkest entertainments, where I was exposed to unhealthy substances. A place where it seemed I was suffering of amnesia; I lacked morality, my responsibilities and priorities were put aside;It was a  place where I was surrounded by harmful influences; I had fallen into the deepest and darkness stage of my life. I had become a victim of the destructive world we live in.

 YES I made mistakes, YES I knew what I was doing at the moment, YES I was clearly aware of the consequences and still made the wrong choices!  I was blinded by this world’s distractions. All the while, God was talking to me, and I refused to listen. While He tried to draw my attention, I walked away.

But even then he never let go of my hand.

I had the wrong focus. It was this focus that took me to make the wrong choices, thereby falling into the overwhelming darkness of depression, and isolation, and to getting nothing in return. And, let me tell you; it wasn’t worth my time, effort, nor was it worth losing the real purpose and priorities in my life.

Where do I want to take you with this? How do we decide where to draw the line?

If you are currently living with no purpose, it’s time to draw the line. If your actions are taking you to failures, it’s time to draw the line. If you’ve made the wrong choices, if you’ve made mistakes, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not too late, yet! But it is time to draw the line.

Let yourself be pulled by  Jesus!  Let Him advise you, let Him approach you, let Him fill your life with real comfort, true contentment, and tranquility. Let Him guide you so you know what really matters.

Shut the door to distractions. Pursue a better life, a life that will fill you up with a real purpose away from this dark world. 


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