I’m not a writing expert, neither am I a writing major but I do love writing, I like to express myself and the best way for me to do it is through writing. To be frank I was just running out of notebooks to write in so I decided; Why not express myself to others? Why not start a blog? Why not share my thoughts to others who might think like me or might have or are going through the same turn of events that I am experiencing daily? But, those are not exactly my reasons. Which brings me to right now; me here, sitting at my kitchen table, writing my first post.

You may be asking yourself, why this title for a blog. Why “Coffee Letters Under The Rain?” This city doesn’t get much rain. Seriously, writing under the rain while your paper is getting wet and ink is running down your notebook? Who would do that? Me, I would…if it rained often (lol). Coffee because I happen to be a coffee lover. Under The Rain because I look at rain from a different perspective. Rain can be serene and delightful, but it may also be thunderous, roaring, and stentorian, just like life. Life is often enjoyable and peaceful. However, it can also be full of trials, unexpected emotional roller coasters, and at times, difficult to overcome.

Join me on my past, present and future life journey of faith.


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